Sunday, 2 December 2012

Selling my crochet flowers

Since learning to crochet in May 2012 I have made so many little flowers that I have been experimenting with putting them on brooch pins and hair slides. I tried selling a couple on my friend's card stall at a craft fair at the start of November. I didn't sell many at all but I did get a good feel of how to do better next time.

This weekend was the 'next time'.

I am in love with this bird cage!

This time I had them displayed on a big piece of bark and a bird cage that I sourced from a local garden/junk shop where the lovely, friendly owner spent ages scrambling over garden furniture, baskets and crates to help me to find shabby chic props for me to display my crochet pretties on. 

Hair slides and bobbles displayed on the bark

I had a lovely time selling my crochet flowers at a local school's Christmas fair last Saturday. I saw many friendly faces of people that I recognized from the bakery where my husband worked, people from my Church, people from the local craft club that I go to fortnightly on Fridays and neighbours. So it was simply delightful!

Despite getting a numb bum on the tiny infants chairs that I sat on for two hours, I had a lot of fun and I sold a handful of hair bobbles, a handful of hair slides and a handful of brooches - in fact three times more than I sold on my first attempt - so I'm a happy bunny.

Some hair-slides, made-to-order for a customer whilst at the fair

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