Thursday, 13 December 2012

Laura's Christmas present

For my mum-in-law's partner's Christmas prezzy (now there is a mouthful and a half) me and the hubby designed and crocheted a personalised iphone case. This is a great idea for a Christmas prezzy as long as you know what kind of phone somebody has as it is very easy to look up the dimensions on line.

For all you crochet geeks out there, the phone case we put together is made by using a double crochet stitch (UK terminology) in alternating colours of blue wool and cream cotton, 4ml hook.

We finished this stage on the train on our way to see them...

 I then darned in all of the tails and single crocheted a chain that I shaped  into her initials, double crocheted around, and appliqu├ęd onto the case. I sewed on a long dark blue button and gave it a chain loop button hole.

I love the end result. Here it is complete and ready to wrap...

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