Thursday, 6 December 2012

A little something for grandma

I've just written a good old fashioned thank you letter to my grandma who gave me a lovely birthday present a couple of weeks ago.

I attached a little brooch to her card.

She actually saw one that I'd given to my mum and requested one for herself so that she could drum up some business for me up North with all of her friends, so I have slipped in a couple of business cards too so I might get a few more customers at my online shop on my website.

She may look like a sweet little grandma but Ilkley watch out! Ever the business woman, she's on my case. Spreading flower power across the generations.

I love her lots and feel proud that she might get pleasure out of this small yet rather fiddly-to-make trinket that I put together by hand.

I think it looks rather cute. I really hope she likes it too...

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