Monday, 30 September 2013

Crocheted Broccoli

My very close friend recently bought a toy broccoli from Ikea.

This soon turned into a bit of a thing when she began to take pictures of 'Brocolli''s visits to tourist destinations and uploading them onto Facebook.

So for her 30th Birthday I decided to attempt something I had never attempted before - crocheting a vegetable!

I made her a miniature version of her beloved a vegy-pal. 

Here he is. 

An ever so slightly bonkers birthday prezzy for my ever so slightly bonkers (but then who isn't?!) and truly lovely friend...

I would give you a free pattern, just in case you have the urge to crochet some greens, but I'm afraid I completely made it up as I went along.

I worked the stalk in the round (light green) and the cloud-like part (dark green) was an amalgamation of pop-corn stitch and trebble crochet decreasing into the stalk at the end. I sewed on some little beads for eyes and stitched a couple of simple stitches of black cotton to make the mouth and tada!

One cute little broccoli, crocheted with love!