Saturday, 22 December 2012

Mini Martha the amigurumi bunny

This week my husband and I are visiting home for Christmas. This year there is a new member of the family.

Meet Martha...

Ever since I began to crochet I have watched the world of amigurumi from afar, with wonder; cute elephants, marvel super heros and colourful beads.

Originating in Japan, but understandably popular worldwide, amigurumi are three dimensional crocheted or knitted toys that are usually worked in the round and stuffed with wadding. 

The word 'amigurumi' is a combination of the Japanese word 'ami' which means to knit, crochet or braid and the Japanese word 'nuigurumi' which literally means 'sew and wrap', and refers to many kinds of sewn/stuffed toys.

Today I had a go at my own little amigurumi bunny. I found the making of this bunny quite tricky - especially attaching the parts together because I wasn't sure of the best way to do it - but this project was a quick one and looks pretty cute. It took just a couple of hours and it was really nice to see my work take shape and gain a personality. 

Meet mini Martha...

I'm really looking forward to making other animals in the future.

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