Friday, 12 April 2013

Which ribbon?

Over the last couple of days I have been playing with turquoises, lilacs and this lovely distressed blue for a very special commisioned brooch for a soon-to-be married man to give to his soon-to-be wife on their honeymoon.

Here is the finished flower...

I wonder what kind of ribbon she would like?

I've narrowed it down to three ribbons in particular. There's the turqoise one. You can't see it very well on this photo but this is a lovely, rich turquoise, silky ribbon. Then there's the lovely neutral one. This one is a light creamy colour, with grey stitches down the sides. And then lastly (my personal favourite) the floral grey one, which I would adjust to be a bit thinner. But might this one be a bit too... well... floral for some people?

Will ask the  hubby-to-be in question which one he thinks would best suit his special lady.

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