Sunday, 7 April 2013

A happily accidental reunion

Isn't it funny how people grow up, change, lose contact with one another, and then - out of the blue - stumble across one another again.

When I was at school there was a girl who I never really got to know. I didn't particularly like her, but didn't particularly not like her. You know how it goes. I'm not sure if we ever spoke to each other in the eight years we shared a school building!

Now, another eight years have passed by and both of us have moved to different cities, both have gotten married, we haven't particularly maintained many mutual friends.

A picture from her website to promote her website
...And yet, thanks to the world of social media, we have found each other afresh and I'm so glad because she has set up a beautiful craft business.

Crochet hooks decorated by Hand-Made by Bee  - I 've bought the 10mm one!
As I've stumbled across her work and she's stumbled across mine, we've shared and supported one another's pieces.

A candle jar by Hand-Made by Bee
It's brilliant when small craft businesses support and share each other's work over the interweb. After all, us little guys need to stick together!!

Valentines Cards  by Hand-Made By Bee

So I thought I'd share her with you... so... introducing... the lovely Bee and her deliciously, pretty business (go ahead click here and see) Hand-Made By Bee.

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