Sunday, 10 March 2013

Blue bunnies for a baby boy

A few months ago I was commissioned to make a baby present for a little boy (who has not yet been born but is due to be born at the end of March).

Facts I had for the growing family

1) they are expecting a boy 2) baby is due in Spring time 3) baby's bedding for his cot is already purchased; patterned with little blue rabbits 4) mum-to-be owns a real life house bunny of her own.

So naturally I set about planning a bunny themed gift.

Here it is, freshly finished and photographed this morning.

I have been careful to make sure that there are no buttons that could be pulled off by tiny fingers or accidentally swallowed by tiny mouths. 

Tomorrow I will send it hopping off via Royal Mail from Bath to Newcastle. I hope baby will be pleased with it when he arrives into the world any time now.

I am itching to try some more little critters. I think cute, little giraffes might be on the agenda! So watch this space...


The five rabbits alone took over an hour each to crochet, assemble and decorate, so I would sell this kind of specially commissioned mobile for £45. If you would like one - or if you'd like a smaller one for a smaller price - get in touch via the 'contact me' page of my website - click here to go there now.

If you would like to use these pictures for anything you are really welcome to, but please do link back to my blog/website and mention me. Thank you kindly.

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