Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Cutest Baby Sun Hats

On the 11th of the 11th I gave birth to our first child. A beautiful baby girl. Now summer is here I want me and her to spend every minute possible out in the fresh air, on lush daisy-sprawled lawns, with friends and toys and ice-cream (for me!). So, of course, I need to keep her delicate skin protected from the sun. Most importantly I want to protect her head, so (any excuse) I browsed pinterest for inspiration and spotted a few cute little designs that I couldn't resist...

1. The floppy sun hat.

From here.

I LOVE this pattern. It is really easy to do, took me less than a day (quite an achievement with a six month old), and looks really very cute - the perfect timeless sun hat for a boy or a girl.

Pictures and pattern are thanks to Yolanda Soto-Lopez of All Crafts Channel

Here you can see my own version of this sunny little number.

2. The crocheted turban.

From here.

I haven't tried this yet but can't wait to have a go for my little munchkin. Think she will look adorable in this.

This beautiful pic & pattern are thanks to one clever mama at This Mama Makes Stuff

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